About Dayspring


Welcome to Dayspring

Dayspring is a Biblical word for Jesus Christ that refers to the first light of day...a new beginning. In that light, Dayspring offers a fresh, simple and authentic approach to worship, music and children's programs.

A church without walls, Dayspring will change the way you think about the role of church in your life and, in turn, your role in the life of the church. You'll find it easy to make connections here: both with the church's growing community of believers and through various discipleship opportunities. And, most importantly, connecting with the ultimate Dayspring—Jesus Christ.

Whether you're part of a church community now or have not been to church in some time, a warm welcome awaits you at Dayspring.

Please join us for Worship and Dayspring Kids at:

9:30 and 11:00 AM Sundays
310 W. Cumberland Road
in Tyler