Love God and love your neighbor.  Jesus boiled down the whole law- the most important of the most important things for his followers to know- to this singular idea.  We believe that there is incredible power in the simplicity of Jesus’ approach.  Rather than getting caught in the trappings of religion, we simply want to follow Jesus’ instructions to His followers.  What would happen if we did this in our neighborhoods?  What if Jesus wanted us to love our actual, physical neighbors?  When we keep things simple like Jesus, we believe that God can change our lives and transform our neighborhoods.

SO- we want to challenge ourselves between now and the end of 2017 to host 100 neighborhood gatherings.  Remember- we want to keep it simple.  This isn’t a big, expensive program; nor is it a gimmick to get more people to come to Dayspring.  Rather, we’re creating as many opportunities as we can for neighbors to meet their neighbors.  Be creative, thoughtful and prayerful, but above all don’t make it harder than it needs to be:

Step #1 – Invite your neighbors over.
Weekend?  Yep!  Halloween?  Sure!  Thanksgiving/Christmas?  Absolutely- as long as your parents are cool with it!

Step #2 – Eat with them.
A meal?  Sure!  Chips/salsa?  Sure!  Cake? You bet! Whatever makes sense for you!

Step #3 – Share your experience with us!
We can’t wait to hear about the fun, funny, awkward and meaningful experiences you have. We would also love to see a picture of your gathering!

There’s something profoundly unique about a neighborhood that knows and cares for each other.   We want to be that kind of church and that kind of Christian for the sole reason that it embodies Jesus’s simple command to his followers: love God, love your neighbor.

Did you have a gathering with your neighbors?