Advent Conspiracy – Love All

Matt Stone
December 23, 2018

Advent Conspiracy – Love All

Look at all the different kinds of people who participate in the story- Jesus came for all of them. Listen to the number of times these people talk about God’s care/concern for the world in the Christmas story.  The reason we’re taking aim at a different kind of Christmas celebration is that this story is told for the sake of the entire world.  When we share that story and participate in that story by engaging not just those with whom we are close but those whom scripture calls the least of these, then our Christmas celebration is changing the world.

1.    What part of Matt’s sermon impacted you the most? Why?

2.    Name some of the different types of people Matt listed in his sermon?

3.    What do you think the God was trying to teach us by assembling such a wide variety of people in the Christmas story?

4.    What are some simple things you and/or your faith community do to pass on this type of unprejudiced and selfless love to others in your life and community?

Scripture references:

Matthew chapters 1 & 2; Luke chapters 1 & 2: Matthew 5:38-48; Romans 13:8,9