Advent Conspiracy – Worship Fully

Matt Stone
December 2, 2018

Advent Conspiracy – Worship Fully

The invitation to join Advent Conspiracy is not an invitation to be angry at people who are doing it wrong or to throw out everything about our current Christmas. If those things make us angry or frustrated, then maybe we are the ones doing it wrong. Instead, it’s an invitation to return to the manger, where the Christ-child resides, and marvel at the magnitude of the gift, no matter how strongly our culture or even our families may try to pull us away. How will we do that? Advent Conspiracy offers four suggestions: Worship Fully, Spend Less, Give More, Love Always.

We begin with Worship Fully because it is the lens through which we see the whole advent season. Mary shows us the way here as she sets us on the right course to meet Jesus again during this season. She expresses her true worship by literally being willing to give her whole self to God’s plan for our redemption. Mary’s song is known as the Magnificat because she magnifies God, pointing to Him as she worships and confesses His great love for and future deliverance of the oppressed.

Let’s start there and begin to think about what “worship fully” means and how we can apply that concept to help us fully appreciate and experience this Advent season.

Questions to ponder:

1. What about Matt’s sermon resonated with you? (stuck out, made you think, made you question)

2. Read Luke 1:46-55: What about this passage helps you define what “worship fully” really means?

3. What does “worship fully” mean to you?

4. What do you worship during Advent?

5. If defining what we truly worship was based on time spent on or the main focus of our thoughts, what do you think would be the more accurate assessment of the object(s) of worship during Advent?

6. What are some things we can do to practically apply what we learned today in order to help us to “worship fully?

Scripture references:

Luke 1:46-55; Romans 12:1,2; John 4:24