June 4, 2017


The dictionary’s definition of anonymous is simply “not identified by name”.  If you think about your day you will often have opportunity to be around people that are not identified by name. We may know just enough about them that we create a world view of this anonymous person, and that lens determines our interaction with said person.

When we think of the truths presented in the Bible we think of stories with people well known by name such as David, Moses, Noah, Ruth, Esther, etc., but what about the people that are anonymous in the Bible.  What do the scriptures teach us about the people in the Bible that are not mentioned by name? What happens when these anonymous people meet Jesus?

Questions for discussion:

· What do you think was the main point of Ema’s message?

· Have you ever labeled someone, then, when you got to know them better realized you had misjudged them? Share your experience.

· Read Mark 5:24-34: How did Jesus deal with the anonymous woman who touched His cloak? Why do you think He confronted her about it?

· How well do you think Jesus knows you? Is that important? Why or why not?

· If we are called to be “like-Christ” what are we doing to love people better?

Do something about it:

This week choose one “anonymous” person in your sphere of influence to get to know better. Make time to talk with that person and find out more about who they really are. Use this experience as an opportunity to meet people where they are and look for ways God can use you in this new relationship.

Digging deeper:

Mark 5:24-34; Psalm 139; Ephesians 1; Luke 8:42-48; 1 Peter 2:9