Matt Stone
April 22, 2018


One of the great mysteries of Jesus’s identity is that He is BOTH fully divine AND fully human.  We typically choose one or the other. Some of us like the human Jesus because he is relatable, while others like the divine Jesus because he is powerful enough to change our lives and the course of humanity.  According to scripture and the historical record of who He claimed to be, the real Jesus is better than one or the other- he is BOTH!!  He knows what it’s like to face temptation and he knows what it means to change lives.  We do not have to choose one or the other; that Jesus is too small.  Why not choose the one who not only became one of us, but also created the world that He came to save?

Questions to ponder:

What do you think was the main point of Matt’s sermon?

Why do you think God’s redemptive plan had to include His becoming human?

What are some ways Jesus demonstrated His humanity? His deity?

How does knowing this affect your relationship with God and those around you?

1.What does this say about God?

2.What does this say about me?

3.What does this say about how God wants me to be?

Do something about it

Whether you’re alone and in need of an intimate savior, or in trouble and in need of a cosmically powerful savior, Jesus is pursuing you.  Take comfort and hope in his dual nature. This week, put your understanding of Jesus’ dual nature by allowing your communication with him (prayer/meditation) to recognize His ability to (1) empathize with your human struggles and needs, and (2) become an agent of change and blessing in situations that might require divine intervention.

Scripture references:

Genesis 28:10-17; Isaiah 7:14; 9:6,7; 53:1-12; Micah 5:2; Matt 4:1-11; John 1:1-4,14,18; 8:48-59; 10:29-33; Romans 5:6-8,19; Hebrews 2:14,15,17,18; 4:15,16; 5:8,9; 9:16-18, 22-28; Revelation 19:11-16