Faith and Science

Matt Stone
January 7, 2018

Faith and Science

There are powerful forces at work in our culture that exert pressure on each of us almost every day.  What does our faith have to say in response?  What resources can we turn to when our worldview is devalued in the name of science?  Where do we turn when the political system that made America has become so dysfunctional?  What does the church have to say to a cultural sexual ethic that has thrown off all boundaries in the name of individual desire?  Can we trust in God’s power in the face of the almighty dollar?  How do we guard against the forces of institutionalism that may threaten to take the life out of our faith?

We’ll begin this series with one of the most critical challenges to faith that the world has ever seen: Science.  The struggle between faith and science is not a new problem. Scientists like Galileo were imprisoned because their views differed from the church. For centuries people of faith have been told that science is the enemy and that we must choose one or the other. Some believe that the two can’t co-exist because they are based on mutually exclusive claims to truth.  But. If God is the creator of the universe and the author of the scientific processes that we see today, is this a false choice? Is it possible that our goal with regard to finding an answer to this conflict should not be focused on our differences, but on where faith and science intersect? Is it possible that there is a disconnect because science and religions aren’t after the same goal.  Science tries to explain “how,” it has no response to ‘why’ questions.  Faith, on the other hand, claims dominion over ‘why’ questions. Is it possible that we might find a deeper, more complete faith by exploring the answers for both “how” and “why?” This just might be the intersection where science and faith will find their common connection to God.

Questions for discussion:

  • What do you think the main point of Matt’s message was?
  • How would you define faith? Science?
  • Do you believe that faith and science conflict? How do you resolve that conflict in your life?
  • What are some things the Church can do to help us find that intersection between faith and science?

Do something about it:

Jesus, when asked what the most important commandment was stated, “love the lord thy God with all thy heart…soul…mind…and strength…” God does not define our faith as a blind, unthinking faith, but one that uses all the resources at our disposal to know God better. He gave us our mind; let’s not check it at the door when we come to church or when we discuss theological issues. This week, consider one area where you need to gain a deeper understanding of the truth and spend some time looking for possible answers.

Digging deeper:

Genesis 1,2; Matthew 22:36-40; Romans 1:20; Ephesians 4:1-5;14-16