First Words: Easter Sunday 2018

Matt Stone
April 1, 2018

First Words: Easter Sunday 2018

”First words after the resurrection bring hope”

How important are Jesus’ words? If you consider that the resurrection is believed by many to be the turning point in history and especially in man’s relationship with God, then how important are the first words Jesus shares after He rises from the dead? Is it possible that Jesus carefully chose those words to set the tone and direction for what was to come? If all this is true, then knowing what He said and gaining a better understanding of what those words might mean could be a key to us developing a stronger relationship with Him.

Questions to ponder:

  • What do you think was the main point of Matt’s Easter sermon?
  • What were Jesus’ first words after His resurrection? Why are they important?
  • What universal message do you think Jesus is trying to communicate through these words?
  • How does knowing this affect your relationship with God and those around us?

1.    What does this say about God?

2.    What does this say about me?

3.    What does this say about how God wants me to be?

Do something about it:

Hope seems to be in short supply these days. We just have to watch the news or read the stories on social media to know that there is a lot of hurt and pain out there. What can you and I do about it? How about sharing a word of encouragement and/or hope with someone who you know that is going through a tough time. Use this opportunity to develop a habit of bringing hope into the lives of those around you.

Scripture references:

Matthew 28:5,5,9-11; Genesis 15:1-6; Exodus 14:10-13; Jeremiah 29:11; Joshua 1:7-9; Matthew 1:20; Luke 1:26-33; Luke 2:8-11; John 6:16-21;14:7; 1 Peter 3:15; Revelation 1:17:18