Front Porch 2018

Matt Stone
February 11, 2018

Front Porch 2018

This Wednesday is the beginning of a season that we call Lent.  This term may conjure up memories of archaic practices or irrelevant tradition, but do not be too quick to write it off. A new perspective on what it could be may actually be the key to revitalizing your relationship with God.

Historically and traditionally, Lent has encouraged practices that help us confess our failings and recommit to following Jesus in all areas of life.  So let’s start there. Before the season begins join me in doing some self-examination. Let’s consider the following questions, which are geared toward helping us identify areas where growth is needed, and use them to help us formulate a plan of action.

With a plan of action in mind, and with the understanding that God provides us with regular opportunities in our daily lives, within our spheres of influence, I want to close with a challenge to you and to our entire church body: This Lent, our church is being challenged to simply serve a neighbor- a real neighbor- in a meaningful way. Are you up for the challenge?

Questions for discussion:

· What do you think was the main point of Matt’s message?

· Do I know that I’m a child of God?

· Does my relationship with God change the way that I life?

· Am I invested in Life-changing community?

· How much am I willing to give?

· Does anyone meet Jesus through me?

Digging deeper:

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