How Do I Get Out of This?

Matt Stone
May 1, 2017

How Do I Get Out of This?

Have you created a mess that seems too big to even begin to consider how to clean it up? If this is the case, then here’s good news for you: Jesus did not come to condemn you because of your mess, He came to lead you out of it.  When you read the Gospel accounts of how He dealt with messy people you begin to see a pattern that reveals the heart and character of God: A God who meets you in the midst of your mess and wants to lead you out of it.  This mess can be the very thing God will use to introduce himself to you in a personal and transformative way. Are you ready to let Him lead you out of your “hot mess?”

Questions for discussion:

· What do you think was the main point of Matt’s message?

· Read John 3:17: What does this tell us about how God deals with our messes?

· How does Jesus deal with Matthew’s (Matthew 9:9-13) and the woman who was caught in adultery’s  (John 8) messes?

· Has God ever cleaned up a mess that you created? How does that affect how you manage future messes?

Do something about it:

(1) Identify and confess the need for help out of the mess that you are in and ask Jesus to help you through it. (2) Be open to opportunities that will allow you to follow Jesus out of your mess and into a new, more abundant life with God.  (3) Let this cleanup process deepen your faith and create a new, more intimate relationship with the God who sent His son to clean up all our messes.

Digging deeper:

John 3:17; John 10:10; Matthew 9:9-13; Matthew 11:28; John 8; Luke 19; Romans 8:28