It Starts At Home – Marriage

Matt Stone
September 17, 2017

It Starts At Home – Marriage

Last week we talked about what the Biblical perspective was with regard to ours and the church’s roles concerning Spiritual formation. We discovered that the church’s role is to equip and empower us to have the kind of faith that changes the way we live. It is then our  personal responsibility to integrate it into our lives. If this integration truly impacts the way we live it would not only have a direct affect on our relationship with God, but it would also influence our relationship with other people- especially people in our home.

These spiritual principles are true for every significant relationship you have, but today we are going to talk about them in the context of marriage. Remember, these aren’t things that can be outsourced to a service, an app or to your church- these are principles from scripture that only you can apply. So our plan involves accessing information from our guide regarding Spiritual formation, the Bible.

Since there is not one book in the Bible that focuses exclusively on marriage we will draw from several Biblical sources to gain a broader perspective of God’s hope and ultimate plan for this kind of intimate relationship. Areas we will explore will include: Mutual Submission, Relational Generosity, Assertiveness/Active Listening, Forgiveness, and Intentionality/Priorities

Questions for discussion:

• What do you think was the main point of Matt’s message?

• What relational principle do you think Paul was trying to teach us in the Ephesians 5 passage (Ephesians 5:21)? How can we
practice this in our relationships?

• How could implementing “relational generosity, assertiveness/active listening, and intentionality/priorities ” impact your current and future relationships? (Philippians 2:3,4; Ephesians 4:25-27)

• Why do you think “forgiveness” plays such an important role in all our relationships?

Do something about it:

Building strong and lasting relationships takes time and effort. Applying tried and true Spiritual principles will only make those relationships stronger, able to withstand the storms of life. Over the next few weeks make an intentional effort to apply each of the principles Matt shared to one or more of your current relationships.

Digging deeper:

Ephesians 4:25-27,31-32; 5:21; Philippians 2:3,4; Zechariah 8:16