It’s A Good Time to Come Home

Matt Stone
June 24, 2018

It’s A Good Time to Come Home

No matter how great the trip, it’s always good to come home.  Or is it?  Sometimes it can be scary if you are returning to unresolved conflicts and other unfinished business.

Just ask Jacob: He left town to find a wife and didn’t make the journey home for 20 years.  When God prompted him to return, the question that gave him great anxiety was whether he would be accepted by his family, especially his brother Esau. Jacob learned that reconciliation, especially with family, can be painful and difficult. What he also learned was that when God prompts us to do something, it may initially be difficult, but ultimately it will produce healing and blessings.

Questions to ponder:

What do you think was the main point of Matt’s sermon?

What do you think God’s reason was for prompting Jacob to return home?

Are there members of your family that you are at odds with? What would it take to begin the healing process?

How does knowing this affect your relationship with God and those around you?

1. What does this say about God?

2. What does this say about me?

3. What does this say about how God wants me to be?

Do something about it:

Have you been away from home?  Maybe it’s time for you to come home.  Or better yet, maybe it’s time for you to welcome home the one who left. Either way, our relationship with God calls us home and invites us to a new way of relating especially to people with whom we have conflict. Consider this a prompting from God to initiate the reconciliation process with someone in your life.

Scripture references:

Genesis 31-33; Matthew 5:23-25; Luke 15:11-31; Proverbs 18:19