Lean In

Matt Stone
May 21, 2017

Lean In

There aren’t many all-inclusive statements we can make that are universally true, but one of them is, “We’re all messy!” If we are honest with ourselves and in touch with those around us we have to accept that not only do we have messes in our lives, but the people around us have messes as well.  How do we respond to this problem? Do we lean in, or step away? God wants us to move toward their mess, not away from it.  How you compassionately interact with those in your sphere of influence who have messes will have a direct impact on strengthening your faith and theirs too. Will you allow yourself to be used by God to help address their mess?  God is calling us to love the people in our lives by moving toward their mess and walking with them as they follow Jesus out of it.

Questions for discussion:

· What do you think was the main point of Matt’s message?

· Luke 5:12-16: How did Jesus deal with this leper’s mess? What does this story teach us about helping someone through their mess?

· James 2:14-17:What do you think James is trying to teach us with regard to getting involved in other people’s messes?

· Have you ever helped someone through a mess? Share how you saw God working through this opportunity.

· How are you planning on applying what you learned today?

Do something about it:

We are surrounded by “messes.” We, as a people are “messy” by nature. The people and messes that God allows to come into our lives are not coincidences: they are opportunities for us to put our faith into action. This week ask God to identify at least one person in your sphere of influence that is in a mess. Ask God to help you to minister to that person by providing an opportunity for you to lean in so that you can walk with them through their mess.

Digging deeper:

Luke 5:12-16; Galatians 6:9-10; Hebrews 13:16; James 1:27; 2:14-17; 1 John 3:17