Remix: Hot Mess

Matt Stone
July 22, 2018

Remix: Hot Mess

Every mess in which we find ourselves, whether it’s our fault or not, contains bad options for our response.  We tend to make our messes messier when we choose the less virtuous, seemingly less painful, option.  How you respond to the mess will ultimately determine the potential scars and the ultimate legacy these decisions leave.  When we choose the virtuous option (God’s plan), we will always be led out of the mess and, as a fringe benefit; our faith in the Lord’s guidance grows.  This is what it means to follow Jesus out of the darkness into the light.

Questions to ponder:

· What do you think was the main point of Matt’s sermon?

· What does the passage in Matthew 7:1-5 teach us about judging others?

· Why do you think that we are so quick to judge others and yet, at the same time, get so angry when we feel we are being judged?

· In what ways can a gracious response to our messes and the messes of others change the final outcome of messy situations?

Do something about it:

Most of us, when reacting to situations, think that our reactions are a natural, righteous response. The problem is that our human tendency (natural response) is to seek the easiest, least painful option (which is not always the best option). This week, think about establishing and/or fine-tuning how you react to messes. Fine-tune your decision making process by adding an opportunity for God to provide counsel. Consider ways God speaks to us (through prayer, through His word, through the counsel of others, etc.). Use one or more of these options to allow God to play an active role in helping you to minister and be ministered to in the midst of the messes life presents.

Scripture references:

Matthew 5:38-48; 7:1-5; James 2:13; 4:11,12; Romans 2:1; 14:13,14; John 7:23-25; Luke 6:37; 1 Samuel 24