Serve the Hungry

Matt Stone
August 6, 2017

Serve the Hungry

According to Jesus, service to others is not optional- on a par with death and taxes, but we treat it as though we’re excused if we don’t have the spiritual gift of service or if we have an 80-hour a week job or if our kids are too young or if our kids are too old or if we’re retired or…..!  Jesus is really clear about what it means to follow Him, and service is at the heart of it.  It’s not just a service that checks a box or service that’s just enough to help us not feel too guilty about buying that newest thing that everyone has to have. It’s the kind of service that flows out of the very heart of God, and begins to form, in us, a deep sense of compassion and love for people who are starving literally or figuratively.

Questions for discussion:

·      What do you think was the main point of Matt’s message?

·      What do you think Jesus is trying to say to us in Matthew 25:31-40?

·      What are some obstacles that have kept you from serving others?

·      What are some “service-type” activities that you really enjoy doing?

Do something about it:

James tells us that talk is cheap! He defines “faith” as a verb and states “faith without works is dead.” He challenges you and I to prove that we have faith without describing some outward service to others. In essence, if your faith is life-changing faith, it will have, built in, a desire to change the lives of those around us by sharing the love of Christ through service. What are you doing to meet that challenge? What are you doing to actively serve others at church and/or in your community? This week, be proactive: Consider ways in which you can use your time, talents, gifts, personality and resources to make a tangible difference in your sphere of influence and then do it.

Digging deeper:

Mark 10:37-45; Deuteronomy 15:1-11; 1 John 3:17; Matthew 25:31-40; James 1:22-27; 2:14-26;