The Art of Neighboring Week 3

Matt Stone
January 22, 2017

The Art of Neighboring Week 3


What are some of the main obstacles to our not getting to know our neighbors? One of the key obstacles is a perceived lack of time. We feel that we barely have time for our families and friends, let alone make time for a total stranger just because they live next door to us. Should making time for a neighbor really be a priority? Jesus thought so. As a matter of fact, when asked what the most important commandment was He stated: “Love the lord…love your neighbor as yourself. That being the case, if our priorities are in order we would think they would look like this: (1) Loving our God, (2) Loving our family and (3) Loving our neighbor. If this is true than maybe we need to consider what current priorities are preventing us from doing just that.

Questions for discussion:

· What do you think was the main point of today’s message?

· List the top three things (besides work and quality family time) that take up most of your waking hours. Are they priorities in your life?

· What does the story of Mary and Martha say to you about priorities? (Luke 10:38-42)

· What are some things you can do that will create time for you to get to know your neighbors?

Do something about it:

Begin finding ways to implement the following three life balancing principles: (1) Make the main thing, the main thing, (2) Eliminate time stealers (3) be interruptible.

Digging deeper:

Luke 10:38-42; Matthew 6:21, 24; Psalm 90:12; Philippians 4:8