The Trials of Jesus

Matt Stone
March 11, 2018

The Trials of Jesus

The trials of Jesus illuminate not only why he was convicted, but strike at the heart of the decision that we’re called to make about Jesus.  Do we believe that he ushered in a new kingdom that fundamentally challenges the world’s authority as it establishes God’s authority and reign on earth? Jesus claimed that this kingdom of God invites us to be born again (start over). He taught that this kingdom offers freedom from slavery, deliverance from oppression, salvation from death, and the ultimate defeat of evil.

The kingdom Jesus proclaimed demands a response. The trials and crucifixion of Jesus teach us that the chief priests made their decision.  They demonstrate that Pilate made his decision.  Looking back at what He did, looking closely at what He is doing, and looking forward to what the Kingdom promise offers, what decision will you make?

Questions for discussion:

· What do you think the main point of Matt’s message was?

· What do Jesus’ trials tell us about His character, His nature, and His plan?

· Why were the Jewish authorities so opposed to Jesus’ kingdom offer?

· What does this story teach us about our relationship with God?

Do something about it:

Jesus’ trials were not just a horrible injustice perpetrated on an innocent man, they were part of God’s plan of for our redemption and salvation. As we approach Easter, begin thinking about what the pain and anguish He experienced and what that teaches us. What does His sacrifice mean to you? How do they affect your life and your decisions? Consider His compassion and forgiveness and think about the people God has put into your life. Are you showing them the same grace and forgiveness? Maybe, now is the time to take that step toward reconciliation with those who need to see God’s grace lived out.

Digging deeper:

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