What’s Next?

Matt Stone
April 8, 2018

What’s Next?

What now? Easter is over, where do we go from here? Either the Easter story changes everything, or it changes nothing. How can something so profound change a part of our lives without affecting everything? We do not have the option to pick and chose what stays in and what we want to leave out. Jesus didn’t die and come back so that we could have an eternal life-insurance policy. He cared too much about us personally, how we lived our life on earth, for that to be the ultimate goal.

If we believe that Jesus words carry any weight at all, then we have to acknowledge that there is no relationship with God, our spouse, our children, or our neighbor that is left untouched by the Gospel. That Gospel commands us to love one another. So in light of the death and resurrection of Christ, how then are we called to live? What Jesus does in the days following the resurrection provide us with a clear model for how we ought to live.

Questions to ponder:

  • What do you think was the main point of Matt’s sermon?
  • What do we learn about “how God wants us to live” from the Emmaus story?
  • How does knowing this affect your relationship with God and those around us?

1.    What does this say about God?

2.    What does this say about me?

3.    What does this say about how God wants me to be?

Do something about it:

Make time to listen to Jesus by spending time in His Word and in prayer. Open your eyes to the presence of Christ in your life. Turn these experiences into actions. What you know about Jesus ought to change what you say and do. If you are not already in one, join a group. Use your gifts to feed people (physically, spiritually and emotionally). Help them meet Jesus. Leave the house. Find people with whom you can walk and talk about the Good News that has changed your life.

Scripture references:

Luke 24:13-35; Psalm 119:105; James 1:22-25; 2 Timothy 3:16; Ephesians 1:18,19; 1 Peter 3:15