About The Vine

The Vine was designed by a group of men and women at Dayspring who care deeply about your ability to know God’s will and live by it. It is a 10-session experience that offers an opportunity to discern God’s direction for your life, equips you with the spiritual tools you need to respond to God’s leadership and launches you into the future that God has prepared for you.

Ultimately our relationship with God never leaves us where we are today. When we make ourselves available to God, he transforms both our hearts and our lives. It’s a journey we can’t afford to miss! You’ll have an opportunity to gather with 12-15 Dayspringers 2 times per month in order to work with Pastor Matt and a team of phenomenal teachers.

During your time in The Vine, you will gain a deeper understanding of Scripture and our theological roots, while being exposed to practices that can bring you into a much closer relationship with God than you may have experienced previously.

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